"... Kelly Khun on vocals, adds the icing on the red velvet cake... With a sound that pulls from the origins of hip hop, the alleyways of the Crescent City, the grease and grime of an old-school soul review, and all seven of the deadly sins" - The Austin Chronicle

Shared stages with Galactic, Cyril Neville, Corey Henry, Troy Andrews, Howard Levy, Toots & the Maytals, Arrested Development, Parallels, Judy Collins, Barry Harris, Brownout... Session and Contract Vocalist for Jim Henson Studios / Warner Chappel, BBQ Shack Analog Studio, Big Fish, Big Orange, Magnatron, Kitchen Sink, M. Ward Daytrotter, Flashpoint, North Shore Media, Rancho Digitial, and Stepbridge Studios.

Contract Production Professional for venues, festivals & artists. Current Operations Manager for The Mrs Band in Austin, TX. 

Range F3-B♭5
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